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How to use MIDI Audio Units plugins


Some Audio Units plugins have the capability to generate MIDI information (notes, control changes…) that can be used to control BeatMaker 3 pads and instruments.

In the following example we will load a MIDI Audio Units plugin and use it to control a Bank:

- Load a MIDI-capable Audio Units onto any pad by drag & dropping it from the Browser or within the Editor View

- Go to the Performance View and create a new Bank by pressing the “+” button

- Load a preset onto the new bank (such as a synthesizer, piano, bass…)

- We now need to configure this bank to receive MIDI events from the plugin. Select the Bank from within the Performance View and press the 3-dots icon next to the bank name:

- Press “MIDI Setup” from the pop-up menu, then tap on “PORT <NONE>” just below MIDI INPUT. The previously loaded MIDI Audio Units plugin is now listed there – just tap on it to set it

- Select the pad where your MIDI Audio Units plugin is loaded and press the keyboard icon from the main toolbar to display it. Notes and events generated by this plugin will now be sent to the previously created bank


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