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Advanced Settings


To access BeatMaker’s advanced settings and configuration, open the Browser and press the Settings icon:

Settings are divided into three different pages: General, MIDI and Audio.

1. General settings

The general settings page gives you access to BeatMaker’s support and social networks on the right-side, and to several configuration parameters on the left-side:

DATABASE SCAN AGAIN: BeatMaker uses an internal database to to manage your projects, presets and samples. In the rare circumstances in which the database becomes out of date, press this button to automatically rebuild it

CPU USAGE: Displays how much processing power BeatMaker is currently using. If the CPU usage is high, you may be reaching your device’s hardware limit and may not be able to use more effects, tracks and samples in your session at the same time

RAM USAGE: Displays how much random access memory BeatMaker is currently using on your device. This is not the storage (hard drive) usage, but the memory that apps may use to run properly

DEFAULT TRIGGER MODE: defines the default behavior when loading a sample onto a pad. It can be set to “ONE SHOT” (pressing a pad plays the full sample) or “HOLD” (the sample is played until you release your finger from the pad)

DEFAULT LAYER POLYPHONY: loaded samples have a polyphony of 1, meaning if you trigger a sample and trigger it again while it is playing, the first playing instance is stopped. You can change how much polyphony a layer has by default by changing this value (for example, a value of 3 will let you play the same sample up to 3 times altogether). Individual polyphony can also be changed from the Editor layer page for layer

BROWSER DOUBLE-TAP: defines the behavior when double-tapping a file from the Browser. “DO NOTHING” just selects the file, while “LOAD FILE” will automatically load a session, preset or audio sample

2. MIDI settings

Please refer to the article “Using external MIDI controllers and instruments” for a complete overview of the MIDI settings page.

3. Audio settings

The following audio settings can be configured in BeatMaker:

OUTPUT SAMPLE RATE: defines the sample rate used by your device or external sound-card. A minimum of 44100 Hz is recommended

LATENCY: The latency is the time needed for a sound played from BeatMaker to actually reach your speaker or headphones. A low latency is better in most situations, although it might also increase the CPU usage of your device

RECORDING BIT DEPTH: Defines the bit-depth your audio recordings are encoded to. A value of 16 or 24 bits is recommended


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