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How to create and record an audio track


You can record audio directly onto the song sequencer timeline. To do so, follow these steps:

- Open the Song Sequencer

- Press the “+” button at the bottom of the track list to add a new audio track (or select an existing audio track from the list):

- Tap and hold the track name to display the track menu

- Choose Audio input”, and select the input you want to record from (for example, if you want to record from your iPad microphone, choose “HARDWARE INPUT” and then “iPad Micro”

- Arm the recording by pressing the record icon next to your track name. The song sequencer will only record tracks which have been previously armed.

- Press the record icon from the Transport toolbar to start the recording

- Press stop from the Transport at any time to finish your recording. Your audio recording has been added as a new pattern on your audio track. Make sure to unarm your audio track if you do not want to further record to it.


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