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How to slice/chop a sample onto several pads


You can chop a sample into several slices easily within BeatMaker. Slicing is useful to automatically spread amongst pads an audio recording (such as vocals, beats and instruments).

Open the Editor view, select a pad and drop a sample from the Browser onto the SAMPLER screen.

Tap the “SLICE MODE” button located at the top-right corner to enter slice edition mode. You can now manually create slices by tapping on the timeline located above the wave view, or press the “AUTO-SLICE” button to display the following options:

- SPLIT: Automatically splits evenly your sample by a number of pre-defined slices

- GRID: Automatically slices your samples by a beat division (such as 1/8th or 1/16th of a bar)

- DETECT: Using this mode, BeatMaker automatically creates slices by trying to detect hits within your sample. If you feel too many slices are created, lower the detection percentage amount until you are satisfied with the results.

Once you are done slicing your sample, it is automatically spread amongst the keys of the selected pad (you can trigger each slice using the mini keyboard at the bottom of the screen). If you go back to the PERFORMANCE view and set the KEYS mode, you can instantly trigger any slices using the pads.

Additionally, you can also save your slices to a bank or layers by pressing the “SAVE...” button above the waveform. Two options are available:

SLICE TO PADS: All slices are spread amongst the pad of a bank. You can select the DESTINATION BANK (current or another bank), the START PAD (pad number from where the slices are spread), and an optional CHOKE GROUP number (triggering a pad will silence any other slice currently playing). If you set CREATE PATTERN to ON, a new pattern is also created with the slices sequence, ready to be used in your song.

SLICE TO LAYERS: All slices are spread into separate layers on the current pad. You can also set the START KEY (the key number for the first slice) and create a matching pattern to be used later on within the sequencer.

You can also save your bank as a preset to easily reuse your sliced sample within another song.


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