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How to load a sample


The simplest way to load a sample is to open the Performance view, then tap and drag the sample from the Browser onto any pad.

You can also select a sample from the Browser, and use the “Load Sample” button located at the bottom.

An extra option is available next to the “Load Sample” button: you can choose if BeatMaker should replace any existing samples on the current Pad, or if it should be added as a new layer. Tap the “LOAD METHOD” button to switch between these two modes.

If you are working with audio tracks, you can also quickly add an audio file by drag & dropping it from Browser onto an audio track from the Song view, or an empty slot from the Scene view.


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    Is there a way to latch a sample, meaning? Press the pad (not holding it), and it will play and repeat until it is hit again? Or is the only way to do that is set up a pattern?