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How to import BeatMaker 2 presets into BeatMaker 3


BeatMaker 3 can import BeatMaker 2 presets, although it cannot load projects created with BeatMaker 2. This article describes how to transfer your preset files from BeatMaker 2 to BeatMaker 3 and import it into the later.

- Open the BeatMaker 2 app. Load the project that contains the preset you would like to import into BeatMaker 3.

- If you haven’t saved your preset individually yet, make sure to do so by pressing the “SAVE PRESET” button from the Drum Machine or Keyboard Sampler view. When prompted for a location to save your preset, check the “COPY SAMPLES” option, then press “SAVE”

- From the navigation pop-up view, press the File transfer button:

- Press the “FILE TRANSFER” button to use a FTP software to transfer your preset to your computer. Alternatively, you can use your Dropbox account by pressing the “DROPBOX” button. Make sure to transfer both the bmk2 file and the samples folder

- Close BeatMaker 2 and open the BeatMaker 3 app

- Transfer your BeatMaker 2 preset from your computer or Dropbox account to BeatMaker 3. For more information on importing files into BeatMaker 3, please follow this article.

- Open the Browser within BeatMaker 3 and switch to Files mode by pressing this button:


- Locate your bmk2 preset file within the Browser, select it and press the “Load Bank” button. Your BeatMaker 2 preset file is now loaded to the currently selected bank!


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