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How to import MIDI files


BeatMaker 3 can import MIDI files onto a Bank track within the Song or Scene views. To do so, follow theses steps:

- Open the Song or Scene view, then open the Browser

- Choose Files mode from the Browser toolbar:

- Look for the MIDI file you want to import, then drag & drop it from the Browser onto the desired Bank track within the Song sequencer timeline (or onto an empty slot in Scene mode)

- You will be asked if you want to transpose notes contained in your MIDI file to a specific pad configuration. By default, the assigned pad number matches the MIDI note number (I.e note C-2 is assigned to Pad 1). You can change the default assignment by pressing the TRANSPOSITION MAP button and creating a new map. After entering a new map name, you will have access to the individual note-to-pad mappings. It is also possible to use the General MIDI classic mapping by pressing the “GM” button.

- When importing a MIDI file containing multiple tracks, each track will be assigned to an individual pad

- If the currently selected pad is set to Keys mode, MIDI notes are only imported on this specific pad (only applies to single track MIDI files)


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